My life is full of blessings. I have people around me who care for me. All of my needs and most of my wants are met. 

I am full of gratitude. This is the natural order of things, today and each day. Therefore, I trust that abundance flows freely toward me.

I live my life with a thankful heart. I regularly express my gratitude because I have a good life that I love. Even if situations seem challenging at times, I am sure to count my many blessings. 

What I focus on, I draw toward myself, so I choose to focus on allowing abundance into my world.

I have great confidence that my life only gets better, day by day. All that I want in the world is coming toward me – sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but moving nonetheless. 

I know that my dreams are within my reach, so I reach for the stars! And time after time, my vision is made real. No dream is too outrageous.

My happiness is paramount to me, so I cultivate it by practicing gratitude. If I begin to feel worried, fearful, or resentful, I remind myself that nothing can stand in the way of natural abundance. Then, I am freed from negative emotions and can focus on enjoying the many blessings already in my life.

Today, I trust that abundance flows freely toward me. I see and value all of the blessings in my life, big and small. And I recommit daily to my gratitude practice.

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