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Leveraging Your Job to Maximize Your Profit

Coming Soon – Summer 2022

Leveraging Your Job To Maximize Your Profits program will give you insights into your current situation and how it can be improved. It will teach you how to make the most out of your current position and prepare for life after work. You will learn how to get paid more while working less. This program will show you how to use your skills effectively, find new opportunities, build relationships with other people and create an environment that supports growth and success.

With Erica Lane, a successful entrepreneur, author, international speaker, and coach, you are going to discover powerful strategies that have helped thousands of women around the world triple or even quadruple their incomes. You will also learn how to become a better leader, improve your communication skills and gain confidence. In this program, you will discover how to use your knowledge, experience, and skills to create a profitable lifestyle and legacy.


One-Time Investment


Initial Deposit + 5 Investments

The Profitable Money Maker Makeover

90 Day Fast-Track Program

The money makeover is an online program that teaches you how to achieve financial freedom by learning about your money mindset, understanding what it takes to be successful financially, developing a plan for achieving wealth, and creating a life you love. The money makeover will help you develop a new way of thinking about money so you can get clear on where you are now and set goals for where you want to go in the future.

It’s about living on purpose, not by default. The money makeover will help you get your financial house in order so you can focus on what matters most – being happy and enjoying your life.

With 6 training sessions, this program has everything you need to take control of your finances. From building a money mindset to business budget, saving tips to goal planning, social media strategy to cash flow, and more, the program covers all aspects of money.

  • Profitable Affirmation/Reflection Book
  • Profitable Entrepreneur Workbook
  • Profitable Entrepreneur Journal
  • Six (6) Profitable Entrepreneur Training Sessions
  • Profitable Entrepreneur Money Makeover Community

→ BONUS 1: BONUS: 5 Day Entrepreneur Money Challenge


One-Time Investment


Initial Deposit + 2 Investments

Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

 Full-Time Employee To Entrepreneur

The Dualpreneur To Fullpreneur Program is a complete package that will allow you to transition from being a dualpreneur to a fullpreneur, one who has created a sustainable business that generates income and provides value to others. This program will give you everything you need to launch your own successful business.

The program is designed to help you develop a plan for your business and get it off the ground. It will take you from where you are today to where you want to be in 3 months or less. The program includes a series of virtual training sessions that will walk you through each step of developing a profitable business model, building a team, launching a product, marketing, sales, and scaling. Each session is packed with information and resources to help you succeed.

You’ll learn how to build a strong belief system so that you can overcome any limiting beliefs that may prevent you from achieving success. The mindset required to become an entrepreneur, what separates entrepreneurs from other business owners, how to set goals for your business to achieve success and more.

  • Entrepreneur Exit Plan (Mindset, Money, Moves To Make)
  • 5 Virtual Training Sessions
  • Transition Complete Bundle
    • 5 Module Smashing Limited Beliefs Mini-Course (including quizzes, 15+additional resources)
    • 5 Checklists (Business Strategy, Selling 101, Master Your Day, Entrepreneur Mindset, Entrepreneur Skillset)
    • 5 worksheets (Business Plan, Business Budget, Master Your Day, 90 Day Goal Planner, Retirement Planning For Entrepreneurs)
    • 3 guides
  • Time Management Journal
  • Be Productive or Be Closed Set (E-book, guide, worksheet, and 2 classes)

→ BONUS 1: 5 Strategies To Work From Home When You No Longer Have A Boss

→ BONUS 2: Affirmation/Reflection Book

→ BONUS 3: Resignation Letter Package


One-Time Investment


Initial Deposit + 5 Investments