Hi there, I am Erica

and here is my story…

You imagine a life where you feel confident talking about your finances and knowing exactly how your money is working for you. Let me help you ~

Known to the world as The Money Elevation Strategist, Erica specializes in serving ambitious women to create consistent anticipated revenue while unapologetically leaving or leveraging jobs to maximize and manage their business’ profits. She is an Award Winning Entrepreneur Profit Coach, 5x Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and Certified International Keynote Speaker. 

Erica Lane operates with a remarkable level of entrepreneurial and business knowledge. Born and raised in the financial capital of the world, New York, she gained a first-hand understanding of business, principles, and methods to succeed in a competitive industry as an Entrepreneur Profit Coach. Erica is the founder of the Real Money Talk Summit, a community of authentic conversations about confidently thriving while owning your fiscal power in life and business!! With degrees in Political science and Business Administration, Erica has evolved continuously with a passion for breaking boundaries as she attains new heights.

For the past 18 years, Erica’s career paths have crossed the industries of Education, Finance, Travel, Budgeting, Tech, Direct Sales, and Entertainment. With such a dynamic experience, she has enough resources to equip both new, aspiring, and aficionados in the business world. Before venturing fully into business, she worked in Corporate America for companies such as Chase, Mercedes Benz, FIS Global and a few others. During this period, she held several leadership positions, leading teams of over 100 employees with passion, determination, and creativity to succeed. As a corporate professional, she took great pride in her ability to execute all projects with precision and tenderness. A leader, innovator, and problem solver, she became a dedicated entrepreneur after discovering a distinct approach to achieving financial success. Today, Erica shares her strategies for health, wellness and financial success with all audiences, taking a more subtle approach to help them learn quickly. Also, she embraces step-by-step guides to translate her expertise to these audiences. 


No more waiting to solve your profit challenges. Let me give you immediate clarity.

Erica is a successful business owner, building several businesses over the years. She delivers keynote speeches and training for both organizations and associations. Currently, she offers training to Over 50 Professionals. Erica’s experience and wealth of knowledge have transformed her into a valuable asset the coaching industry needs.

As an Entrepreneur Strategy Expert she uses her first-hand experience to inspire others to action. She is passionate about provoking people to become the best versions of themselves through her diverse speaking topics. Furthermore, she also loves to engage them in thought processes that are genuine, practical, and relatable to the real world. These methods are also evidential as she tripled her corporate America income in three years from using what is now her ‘Profitable Entrepreneur Money Makeover’ coaching program.

Erica Delivers Keynotes and Training for Organizations, Associations and Conferences. In her career, she has presented for Audiences Ranging From 20 to 20,000 people. 

 Erica will be launching her latest book, ‘Conquering Success, The Keys To Passion, Purpose & Profits’. She is launching a Podcast which will be available on Itunes, IHeart Radio, Google play and Spotify.  

She has received coaching from renowned entrepreneurs like Dr. Les Brown, Dr. Safiyah Satterwhite, Dr. Cheryl Wood, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Tiana Von Johnson, and Lisa Nicole Cloud. Likewise, she received training from experts such as Dr. Eric Thomas, Stedman Graham, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Dave Ramsey and Darren Hardy. Erica has been featured on several platforms and press organizations.


Erica wants to see others take action, putting what they have learned from her in her Coaching, Workshops and MasterClasses to good use. Regardless of their background, she encourages people to be determined, relentless, and unique in their endeavors. And most importantly decide who they want to be, on their terms!

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I want you to start treating every dollar the same in your business. This is one of the skills I teach my coaching clients. We create a financial plan that helps them know exactly what to do with their cash flow. So, yes, we celebrate revenue milestones but I also teach my clients to ground their financial decision-making in the plan so they can be intentional with their finances. Join my Facebook Group to be a part of a community of women with the same mindset. Get tips, content lives, and more all for FREE.