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Your relationship with profit is just that, a relationship. You have to grow, understand, nurture and build it up. You deserve to enjoy entrepreneurship on your terms. And managing the profits in your business whether you are a full-time employee, or not, is your start to getting it. This is where your journey begins!

You imagine a business where you were able to say ‘yes’ with confidence in automating your expenses, where every unexpected or irregular expense does not catch you off guard or tap into your [business] savings and make you feel like you’re always trying to get ahead. 

A business where your get to decide whether becoming a full-time entrepreneur is in your bottom line’s best interest. Or if working your business inside corporate america and taking advantage of their opportunities is better.

I believe that you have your own story and your journey should be personal and take into account where you are right now, your priorities, your success goals and your past relationship with money. I take these things into consideration when working with you so that you have the tools you need to start seeing your profits & confidence increase and your debt & doubt decrease.

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Erica Lane, The Money Elevation Strategist, has developed an exceptional money management approach, which enabled me to triple my income in under three years. I am an Award-Winning Entrepreneur Profit Coach, 5x Best Selling Author, Certified International Speaker and Founder of The Real Money Talk Summit For Women.  My definition of success is to inspire women to change their profit habits of entrepreneurs and therefore their financial outcomes.  My clients develop the clarity and fearlessness to achieve their goals, and tell the profit story of their dreams, on their terms. I specialize in helping ambitious women to increase profitability and manage the profits in their business.

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Entrepreneurship Profit Coaching

The purpose of this program is to help you create a full-year entrepreneur profit plan that works for YOU. It’s about creating a relationship with profit in which you feel more confident, empowered, and able to create a business free from financial stress. It  going to take you through a process of identifying your challenges around money, assessing where you are right now, then working together to identify opportunities and develop a strategy that works for you to multiply your profits. 


Leveraging Your Job To Maximize Your Profits

Leveraging Your Job To Maximize Your Profits program  will teach you how to make the most out of your current corporate position. It will teach you how to use what you are offered at your job effectively, find (create) new opportunities, maximize your benefits, build relationships with senior leaders and create an environment that celebrates your entrepreneur growth while thriving in the workplace.


The Profitable Entrepreneur Money Makeover

The Profitable Entrepreneur Money Makeover is a virtual program that teaches you how to achieve profit freedom by learning about your entrepreneur money mindset, skillset, managing your expectations, reviewing your business, developing a plan for achieving consistent profits, and creating a solid business you love. This program helps you develop the clarity in understanding where your business is now and set goals of profit elevation for the future.


Leave Your Job For Full-Time Entrepreneurship

The Dualpreneur To Fullpreneur Program  includes a complete package that will allow you to transition from working and being an entrepreneur to a full-time entrepreneur that has created a sustainable business. It will give you everything you need from the strategies to making this decision, the critical profit goals to support this decision, creating the solid plan of execution and preparing you for life after corporate into full-time entrepreneurship.


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Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients

Erica has given me an amazing amount of business knowledge, guidance and clarity. Thank you for your great help in taking my business to the next level!
Tiffany Brackens
Tiffany BrackensFounder, Ruban Bleu LLC
I attended the Women Crushing Mediocrity Virtual Summit and I learned so much during your money management presentation. Thank you so much for all the valuable information. VERY powerful!
Patricia Jackson
Patricia JacksonCEO, Care 4 U Planning